Thursday, February 23, 2012

Leaving for London!!!!

Today's the day!!! We're coming home straight after class, shoving some food down our throats and driving to the bus station from which we will ride a bus for 5 hours until we reach Madrid tonight at 9:30pm.  Then we have to find our hotel for the few hours that we will be sleeping, eat our bocadillos that Filo is going to pack us and then be at the airport a couple hours before our plane leaves at 6am.  Then we reach London at 7:55am and the adventure starts...IN ENGLISH!!   We're flying RyanAir and that in itself has been a struggle because they only allow one carry on item and no personal items that has to fit into a 55cm X 40cm X 20cm box.  anyone that doesn't use the metric system, that's about 20 inches by 15 inches... so its pretty tiny.  Fingers crossed that it'll fit because we really prefer not to pay an extra 50E.  Also heres a few things that we're going to do while we're in London (I think because we don't really have any set plans yet except for a Harry Potter tour when we get there hahah ) are The London Eye (giant ferris wheel that takes you up for a view of the city- each bubble holds 25 people!), West Minister Abbey, Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace, The British Museum (worlds greatest museum of history and culture),  Houses of Parliament (and BIG BEN!), and who knows what else!!

Just wanted to give you all a sneak preview ;)


  1. Have a great time. Also - there is a weight limit for carry on that is pretty low too!

    Yay for Westminster Abbey & the British Museum; those places are awesome! Do you dare do Md Toussard's Wax Museum? It is spooky in places.

    1. absolutely not, I'm so afraid of mannequins!