Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Vale, Estoy Enferma.

So the first couple days of classes have started and I have 5 classes: art history, oral presentation and composition, culture of peace, literature, and language/culture (all of which are in Spanish of course). Since I've been back from Madrid and all those other fun places, I've actually been pretty sick.  Kind of awful to be sick away from home but my family has been nice about it, I just kind of wish they would stop trying to give me things to take and just let me rest.  I had an early class this morning in a little tiny classroom with almost 40 students and I thought I was going to suffocate from overheating and coughing too hard.  Casey's sick now too haha could be my fault but I still blame the cold ;)  Top it all off, we had weird seafood soup for lunch with little octopus in it and then fried fish, like whole fish just chilling on the table.  Not really all that appetizing but the fish was a lot better than the soup. So the two of us came back after lunch and classes and laid in bed watching Harry Potter.  Hopefully we'll be feeling better by this weekend because I think we're leaving on Thursday with two of our other friends to go to Ronda, Spain.  Its a little town and if you look it up online you'll see why we want to go, there's a beautiful bridge and its a quaint old town.  Crawling back into bed now until dinner, wish me luck that there's no more seafood tonight! :P

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