Wednesday, April 11, 2012

6 Popcorns til home!

Being back from our Semana Santa vacation has made Casey and I realize that we need to do things to keep us sane for the last stretch of being in Spain.  Yesterday we made our own dinner, Easter shapes pasta with broccoli, tomatoes and eggs and we plan to cook for ourselves at least once a week.  Also every Wednesday we are going to eat lunch at this little dinner right near our school, I don't come home for lunches on those days anyways because I have class so that works out.  And we decided that every week we would pick a night to watch a movie and have popcorn, and I decided that time will fly by if we think of the rest of our stay here in the amount of popcorn I have left.  Last night we watched a movie so now we only have 6 more popcorns until we go home!!  How short does that feel? Only 6 popcorns!  Pretty ingenius  I know :)


  1. remember when dad and I used to travel and we would leave a basket full of Lunch gifts in it? Each bag had a note and a little gift so you would know how much longer until our return. The popcorn. made me think of it.

  2. I do remember that! That was like my favorite part of you guys going away haha :) made it so much easier! I would have done it for you guys, but that would have been a little difficult... 142 little gift bags ;)