Monday, April 9, 2012

Semana Santa! -abridged version

There are far too many events and things to write a week long post, so I'll try and sum it up fairly shortly.

Mom and Dad were here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We stayed in a cave house in Granada in the old moorish section of town for the first half of the week.  My host family had Casey's family and us over for Paella one day, and it was a very long but enjoyable visit.  Went to an interestingly intense faced flamenco show in one of the caves in Sacromonte.  Visited the Alhambra, which is spectacular (and I'm going to see again tomorrow with class) very old, and full of history.  Enjoyed the Arab baths, old underground baths, hot, cold, warm pools, a steam room, relaxing tea, and a massage section for maximum relaxation.  We did a little hiking and a lot of getting lost and a little bit injured--love you mom-- and of course because it was Semana Santa we watched some of the processions.  They were very impressive, giant sculptures centuries old being carried by penitents under the floats.  They moved ever so slowly and stopped every several hundred feet or so to switch out the people underneath.   The second half of the week we stayed in an apartment in Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol.   A little beach town on the coast with a lot of really really really good food (you guessed it, NON-Spanish food!) of course I ate enough for me to not have to eat Spanish food for the rest of my stay here, but it was totally worth it ;)  We walked the coastline, marina and spent a day in Ronda.  Unfortunately as they say in Spain- it always rains during holy week.  The weather was a little gloomy for the majority of their stay in Spain, whereas today, they left at 10am and it hit 75 without a cloud in the sky.  But I guess you can't have everything :)

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