Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lunch with Pepe

Somewhere in the madness yesterday, one of my professors and program coordinators, Pepe Ferrer (not to be confused with Pepe my host dad) called me and invited Casey and I to go to his house for lunch today.  Casey couldn't go because she had to go to the airport to pick up her boyfriend, but he still insisted that I find a friend to bring and come anyways.  So I did. :)

The reason he invited us in the first place is because we were telling him about the food in our house, and how we don't particularly care for Spanish food and that Filo isn't a very good cook (burnt paella and raw baked potatoes are a dead give away).  So I invited Victoria and we had a grand old time!

His wife and one of his daughters, Esperanza who is 15, were there and they were so friendly.  She cooked couscous with vegetables, chicken cordon bleu, and fresh baby spinach salad with chicken, dried peppers, nuts and tomatoes with balsamic vinaigrette. SO DELICIOUS.  For desert she made banana bread!!!!! which absolutely does not exist in Spain but they lived in NH before and said that during the last week she would cook us a pumpkin pie too!  She served the banana bread with vanilla caramel ice cream, and whipped cream with drizzled dark honey over the top.  I literally died and went to heaven, or back to America, but either way, it was amazing. After lunch we sat in the living room and talked for awhile until it was time to go home.  They said that we should come over more often (which personally I think is a great idea) and at the very least we'll be at the end of classes fiesta before we leave.
Left with a happy stomach, a friendly experience, and a good feeling about my ability to speak Spanish. :D

PS. today is exactly one month until I come home!!!! Yippee!

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