Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Gibraltar and Marbella

We went to Gibraltar and Marbella this weekend/ week.  To sum it up, it rained a lot, I went to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar, played with some monkeys, went through the oldest military tunnel in the rock (there are 34 miles of tunnels and the whole town including the rock is only 3 miles by 1 mile), saw some caves, went bowling, and hung out in pubs and gardens while it rained and then went to Marbella.  In Marbella it rained even more, so we really didn't do all that much because its just a little beach town.  We went to a bonsai museum (which ironically was outdoors, played a lot of cards in restaurants and in our hostel, walked around in shops, hunted for sea life (crabs, sea anemones, and sea urchins, etc.), and finally on the last day it was sunny and we laid out on the beach.  Nice relaxing vacation.  Heres some monkey pictures, because I know that's all anyone really wants to see ;) 

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