Friday, May 25, 2012

Last Spanish Day

Friday 5/25:

Today is officially the last day in Granada, Spain!  Our flight leaves tomorrow morning at 7am and I'll be back in NH around 8:30 at night. So it's going to be a long day full of airports, layovers and goodbyes but also a day full of reunions, English, and hamburgers! The positives definitely outweigh the negatives and I am looking forward to it with all my heart!! I'm hoping that my English language skills have not deteriorated past the point of comprehension and that I can keep from screaming every time a stranger walks by and I can understand them without thinking about it. Such an exciting life. :)  We just finished the last lunch our host family will ever give us now all that's left one more dinner, one more shower, and one more restless sleep waiting for our flight to come!  I'm all packed, and it all barely fits, I'm .2 over the weight limit in kilograms so we'll see how that goes at the airport and I might have to take out my sweatshirt or raincoat and just wear it through.  My carry on already weighs a ton so I won't be putting anything else into that either.  At this point I couldn't care less about any of that though because I am just so excited to come back!!!
See you all soon!!!!! :D
España, fue un placer conocerte, hasta hora ;) chao! <3

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