Wednesday, May 23, 2012

3 days left!!

Wednesday 5/23:

Only three more days until I leave Spain and return back home to good old America!! I can't wait and I've been trying to keep busy as best as possible to make the time fly!  Yesterday we had a little trouble keeping busy and ended up learning some of the dance moves to Thriller.. because yes, we were really that bored.  Today was a little better though and we slept in a bit and then headed to the other side of Granada near the Alhambra where there is a beautiful park called the "Carmen de los Martires".  It is filled with green plants and beautiful flowers especially now that its springtime.  It felt good to leave the city behind for a while and there were even kittens and peacocks in the park! I must admit though the cats were a little skittish and the peacock was rather intimidating because it would make its call (which is really deafening) and then it would run at us a little bit or puff out his feathers.  Beautiful, but intimidating.  After lunch I organized as much of my stuff as I could without actually packing because that is the only plan we have for all of tomorrow. I had a little bit of a headache so I took a short nap before we headed over to our Professor/Coordinator/Friend's, Pepe Ferrer, house for a little going away party.  He had printed out little spanglish songs for us to sing along to and we all learned the words and sang about friendship like you would at summer camp or middle school graduation and it was a grand old time.  His wife made us sandwiches, croquets, banana bread and pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting and everything was so delicious and all homemade!  We taught each other dances from old pop culture like the electric slide and the Spanish version of the chicken dance, which is quite similar to the English version and of course the "macarana" seeing as it is actually a Spanish song.  Then they went through the traditional sad goodbye songs like "closing time" and "american pie" etc etc some people cried, but mostly it was a good time.  For the next couple of days we'll just be wrapping things up here and packing, saying goodbye because Julie (the other student that has been living with us) is leaving on Friday and everyone from the UNH group is leaving on different days as well.  I am so excited to be back home but at the same time its a weird feeling leaving someplace that you've been for so long, I might even feel like a foreigner when I get back. It'll take some adjusting to but I still can't wait to be back home!!! 3 MORE DAYS!!!!! :D

PS. Hola Aunt Sue!!! ;) Thanks for being such an avid reader!!

Aqueduct in the Carmen 

Rose garden in the Carmen

el pavo real

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