Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hola Pizza Metro

Tuesday 5/15:
Our UNH professor Marco planned a dinner for all of the students and parents to meet up for the last time (even though we had only ever met up once before), give out the last checks, socialize and all that jazz.  We met at a restaurant called Hola Pizza Metro, which was rather far from our side of town but we took the car so it wasn't so bad.  It was just Casey, Pepe, Filo and I, not the extended family, and we were the first to arrive.  Next was the ever so famous Luis and Fernanda, who were the elderly host parents of two of the other girls in our group.  No one really knows much about most of the other host families except for people that they're very close with, except for Luis and Fernanda.  I had never actually met them before, but tonight Luis decided to sit right next to me.  He was a hysterical old man, who smelled terribly of body odor and tended to play with his one crooked tooth.  Hes quite the joker kind of like our host dad Pepe and the two of them got along wonderfully, singing and laughing at their own jokes, which weren't really all that funny.  For dinner they brought us out several appetizers of salads, bread sticks, salmon, avocado, etc but because we were sitting at the head of the table most of the food was placed in the middle.  Luis and Pepe made it a point of to be sure we had food at the end of the table, and cleared a large space for when the pizza came out.  When it finally did come out, it was an entire meter long (which is why its called pizza metro) and divided into four different types of pizza, all of which except for the plain cheese, were covered in ham.  They brought out several more for the other parts of the table so that everyone was drowning in pizza.  They brought out more and more and we refused the best we could but in total they brought out 6 pizzas.  To put that into perspective for you that is 6 meters of pizza, or  more than 18 feet!! (and mind you that is only one dimension, not including the width as well.)  For desert they brought out shared plates of tiramisu and and little cream puffs covered in fudge and whipped cream.  The tiramisu was so rich that even though we were stuffed full with pizza we couldn't help but keep eating.  We left early (around 11pm) because Casey had a headache and I was suffocating from Luis's ghastly body odor and before I could do anything to prevent it Luis was up and kissing me goodbye.  Nice big wet kisses on each cheek and a grip that you would have expected from a professional arm wrestler.  It took me a good minute or two but I managed to wriggle my way free and escape for the door.

1 meter of pizza

me and Luis

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