Friday, March 30, 2012

Mom and Dad are almost here!!

We had dinner at Paco and Susana's last night and it was so much fun.  He made us Gnocchi because we begged for italian food instead of more Spanish food, and he made us all sorts of appetizers and strawberries and cream "Paco style" for desert.  It was so good.  They're a lot more fun when Peque has toys and things to keep her occupied and Filo and Pepe aren't around, its a much quieter atmosphere.  We hung out for a while and talked about movies and music and whatnot until we discovered Paco had never seen Inception.  Turns out he had it downloaded but had never watched it so we demanded that he watch it.  He thought we meant right then and there so we watched half of Inception before we left to go back home.

My parents are flying in today, right now actually they are on a plane from Madrid to Granada so they're technically already in Spain.  I'm so excited that I woke up early today and got ready so fast that I have nothing to do right now but wait for time to pass (which is why I'm updating my blog haha).  SO don't be alarmed if  you don't hear from me for a little over a week because I'm going to be off enjoying the wonderful company of my lovely parents!!! SO EXCITED FOR THEM TO GET HERE.  I even went out this morning and bought dad a cake because I missed his birthday ;) but shhhh its a surprise!  Oh and this week is also Semana Santa, holy week, so the whole country is on holiday for this week and there are a ton of processions going on in Granada and all over Spain, so that should be interesting.  It celebrates or commemorates the crucifiction and resurrection of Christ. Fun fun fun!
I'm sure I'll have a whole lot of updating to do when I get back, but until then... Hasta luego!!

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