Friday, March 9, 2012

Short Update

It's been a pretty normal week of classes, and yesterday we went to the Cathedral of Granada, which is funny because I've been here almost 2 months and still hadn't seen it. oops.  It was pretty large, and apparently unfinished but quite impressive nevertheless.  Being that it was a cathedral of course it was freezing in there, but we didn't stay very long, only an hour or so.  We visited the Capilla Real, where the Reyes Catolicos are buried (Fernando and Isabel) and their daughter and husband (Juana and Felipe), and then toured the rest of the cathedral.  It was mostly illuminated by natural light from the windows above and everything was white marble or painted white for the light to reflect.  Today, is one of the Friday's where we do have class, but only one class and I've already gone and finished with that, so now its the weekend!! yay!  Tomorrow we're traveling to Sevilla with our UNH group and then Sunday to Cordoba.  Should be fun, hopefully we don't do too much walking or cathedral seeing, you can only look at so many cathedrals before they start to blend together. :) Enjoy the weekend, hasta luego!!

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