Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hell Week.

So we didn't pick the best weekend to go away to relax... Nerja was perfect though and I wouldn't change it.  But this week is insane.  I have two midterm exams, two midterm papers (a research paper, and a play analysis), three smaller papers, a creative poem, and miscellaneous homework that they still give us :P  On top of all that, this Thursday there is a general strike, so basically the entire country is closed for a day... rather inconvenient.  Luckily Mom and Dad are flying in on Friday or we'd really be having problems right now. It's all nonsense, but the good news is that I'm halfway through the week!! more bad news though, I'm sick as a dog, again.  Its a little worse this time, but hopefully it won't last as long. My goal is to be better by Friday so that I'll be 100% to pick up my parents at the airport :D We promised Paco and Susana that we would go to their house for dinner on Thursday because we don't really have classes, but we were kind of forced into ti.  Hopefully the child behaves, but if all else fails at least we'll have gotten a good meal out of it, we made him promise to make us an Italian dinner hahah Gnochi! We have next week off because its semana santa or Holy Week, so the whole country is on vacation, well pretty much all of Europe really.  This week we also have a lot of students staying here, 3 British girls in the room next to us and 4 French teachers upstairs, but the British girls are rather entertaining, very young and they talk A LOT.  Can't wait until this week is over!!

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