Tuesday, March 13, 2012

good day :)

Usually days that start with art history at 8:30 in the morning are not the greatest but today is just turning out to be wonderful, so I decided to take the time and dedicate a post about it! :)  I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but everyday when we walk to or from school we walk by a pet store.  Outside the pet store there are always 3 little Pomeranian's and some cats.  One of these cats, is hysterical.  Literally he makes me laugh every time I see him and it just makes my day.  We call him "angry cat" because he really is just very angry looking, hes a big calico cat that looks like it got electrocuted because hes just so fluffy and matted that you can barely see his face, which is all pushed in anyways. Hes so ugly its adorable though, he sits in front of the hello kitty store and stares into a mirror all day. Whenever we call it though it stops hating life and meows at us, so cute! Anyways so we saw him today and it made my whole day! Not only that but I got to pet one of the other cats that was out there (because angry cat is too gross to pet, sadly) but I was still so excited!! After class I did a lot of homework and it felt good to get it done, and right before I was going to class I received a letter!! :D best way to start of the day.  After my second class, we had lunch (which was actually my least favorite soup, yuck.) and after lunch we went up to our roof terrace where we sat out in the sun in our bathing suits because the weather was so nice, listening to music instead of doing our homework :)  We were up there for a while until we decided to go for a run and do our little workout routine. I felt really good afterwards too! Then I showered and we made ourselves lemon/grapefruit tea with honey :) mmmmm, now we're watching pasapalabra and waiting for dinner.  Perfect way to end the day!

Also!! big news! We told them how much we love wheat bread and now she said it doesn't matter to her and she'll start buying us wheat bread instead of white bread! SO EXCITED!!  other exciting things, Casey and I booked an apartment in a beach town called Nerja for the weekend after next.  Just the two of us so it should be perfect having our own place, we're really excited, planning all the food that we want to eat and relax on the beach :D pretty awesome.
Oh right, and this weekend we're going Valencia with our UNH group for Las Fallas, which for everyone who doesn't know, is an annual festival where they build these giant sculptures and paint them and parade them around all Sunday and then around 1 or 2 in the morning they set them all on fire! I've heard its incredible, can't wait!!! :)

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