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Sorry I've been a bit slow with posting, I know some of you have been complaining (cough cough christopher) I've been insanely busy but I guess I'll update you a little bit :)

Thursday 3/22:
Immediately after class Casey and I ran home, ate lunch really fast and begged Pepe to drive us to the bus station.  We made it just in time and took the bus to Nerja which is right on the southern coast of Spain.  We rented an apartment for the weekend for just the two of us because we needed a break from real Spain life, aka the food, siesta, and the little devil that visits us everyday.  Nerja is known for two things, the balcony of Europe and caves.  So we walked to the balcony of Europe which was 5 minutes from our little apartment and then we went straight to the grocery store to buy all of the american things we could find. We bought: whole wheat pasta, cereal, peanut butter, celery, humus, chips and salsa, strawberries, bananas, yogurt, and wheat bread.  We forgot to buy anything to put on our pasta but we had celery with peanut butter and chips and salsa and whole wheat pasta for dinner while we watched harry potter and had popcorn and mike and ikes :D it was heaven.

Friday 3/23:
We had cereal and peanut butter banana toast for breakfast, soooo good and then headed to the beach.  It was already really sunny out even though it was still early in the day and we literally laid on the beach until 3pm. The beach we were on wasn't really sand, it was little tiny rocks which was perfect because it didn't stick to you but they were small enough that it was still really comfortable.  And it was right next to the Balcony of Europe too.  If you were standing on the balcony (which is basically like a little lookout point that you can see the coastline from) and looked to your left, we were laying on that beach right there.  We had packed ourselves lunch (pb and jelly sandwiches never tasted so good) and our friends came to visit us for the day.  We even packed paddle ball and played in the waves for a little while, not too far though because the waves were enormous and there were rocks everywhere. We went back to the apartment and had dinner at a normal US time, like 6:30 instead of our usual time 3 hours later :P  Again we watched harry potter (almost done the series!) and this time we bought pasta sauce for dinner and bought little cups of tiramisu  for desert.

Saturday 3/24:
A little cloudy all day but it never rained because I carried my umbrella with me everywhere ;) that's right, I know how to trick the skies.  So we laid around in bed for a while until we decided it was time for a haircut.  We had both been avoiding it because we were afraid they wouldn't understand but a lot of people in Nerja spoke English so we decided to take our chances.  They didn't speak English but they were very nice and understood what we wanted, just a trim nothing special, but after two and a half months, a trim feels pretty good.  We went back for lunch and caught a bus a little afterwards to the caves 10 minutes up the road.  It was incredible on the inside, first you walk through this little path that doesn't look so impressive and its very crowded so I was ready to be disappointed when it opens up into this giant underground room.  There were even seats for the concerts that they sometimes hold there (doesn't seem too safe to me, I wouldn't want to attend a concert where there are stalactites hanging above my head...but whatever suits your fancy I guess).  There was a little path to follow and the room opened up even bigger until we made it to the massive column in the center.  The worlds biggest stalagmite, its even the in the Guiness Book of world records!
We had perfect timing and caught the bus back as soon as we were finished there and headed back for another amazingly american early dinner :D  and of course the last harry potter movie was to follow heheh finally complete the series!

Sunday 3/25
The morning started out pretty cloudy so we decided to stay in bed awhile since we never get the chance to sleep undisturbed at home.  We ended up watching the only English channel on television, pretty much all weekend when we were in the apartment and it was called "Tiny Pop" basically a British children's channel.  Sounds lame but it was quite entertaining really :) We went out a little later and the sun started to come out too and we climbed over all the rocks and closed pathways that had been eaten away by erosion and plants to get from beach to beach at low tide.  It was fun little adventure and the water and the beaches were beautiful.  We walked a different way back and stumbled upon a hoard of cats (of course) but its strange, because in Spain you either never see any cats, or you see 30 of them grouped together in random places.  Nerja is one of those places that has cats everywhere grouped together. One of them followed me around for half an hour and I played with him until we had to leave.  They let us leave our things at the apartment until we had to leave at 5pm which was very convenient so we grabbed a late lunch at an Italian restaurant, because thats another one of those things we miss.  It was so good and we even got gelato after because there were so many italian ice cream places around the balcony.  We even made it back to Granada just in time for dinner and to finish up our homework!  A much needed relaxing weekend :)
rock climbing :)

cats at the balcony of Europe!

grocery shopping!

our beach from the balcony

worlds biggest stalagmite

Nerja Beaches-rock climbing!

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