Monday, March 5, 2012

¡Viva el Grana!

Sunday 3/4

We woke up and no one was here, which is kind of nice except that breakfast wasn't here either.  We found a note that said they had gone out to get churros and would be back soon.  The plan for the morning was to go to the beach with Filo and Pepe and the three of us (Julie, Casey and I) but we were off to a nice relaxing start.  So they finally made it back with churros and gave us our usually breakfast toast, which is funny because they kept joking about us getting into our "bikinis" (as they call them) but they fed us so much that no one in their right mind would want to get into a bathing suit after that :P  Never the less we got ready to go to the beach in our tank tops and jeans haha because I definitely didn't think to bring shorts in the beginning of March.  Turns out though the weather was nice enough that if we had really wanted to we could have been lounging around in our bathing suits!  It was at least 70 degrees at the beach, especially in the sun, so we rolled up our pants and waded in the ocean water and walked around with Filo and Pepe.  The little town was gorgeous, it was all mountainous and the little houses were built into the sides of the hills that surrounded the ocean coves. The water was surprisingly clear and not super cold either so we walked around barefoot for the majority of the day.  The beaches were rocky with strips of sand to walk in so that our feet didn't hurt. We stayed until a little after lunch, which we ate under a nice little palm tree until we had to head back into Granada for our soccer game.
The soccer stadium is 2 minutes down the road from our house and Julie let me borrow her Granada scarf since she had already been to a Granada game last week.  The place was packed, everyone wearing red and white to support our team.  We had pretty good seats that stayed in the sun while it was out (because the game started at 6) which kept us warm for a while until it went behind the bleachers on the other side.  It was Granada vs. Valencia and Filo said that this is the first year that Granada has been doing well in a long time, but still we lost 0 to 1 :(  It was so close though because in the last minute our team scored to tie it up but there was an interference and the goalie was injured so they goal didn't count.  Overtime was intense because it was such a close match but all of the fans were pretty disappointed, as was I but it was still a lot of fun waving around our scarves and jumping up and down every time we got close. Que lastima, ¡viva el Grana!

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  1. I'm excited for you that you're having such a good time, but concered about too much time with these sauve Spaniards!!