Saturday, March 3, 2012


Saturday 3/3

Paragliding!! We had to meet our paragliding company at a bus stop a little bit outside of Granada and we got there a little early so we hung out down by this little creek on the rocks. We sat there for a while and a bunch of peoples dogs came and sat with us and begged for our sandwiches. When our tour group finally arrived half of us took a van way way up the side of a mountain on this little tiny dirt road (it was even more scary than paragliding itself).  Then we stopped in the middle of this little road got out of the car and climbed up a long hill that overlooked the Sierras and all of Granada.  Some of them spoke English better than others but since we were all kind of nervous we asked that they try.  They gave us a little briefing of what to do and basically we had to run until the sail lifted us up off the ground and keep running until they told us to sit.  The wind resistance was crazy so it was really hard to start running but once we did it only took a few seconds til we were off the ground.  The sights were great and my guide was really nice, he kept asking me how I was feeling hahah and then he would have me lean left or right to turn or spin around.  It was very tranquil up there and it didn't even seem that windy.  The only part that made me a little sick was out of no where he started doing swoops, like he would go up and let us drop. The first one scared me because I didn't know it was coming and then he was like "I do it, I do it" but after a couple more times my stomach was not so happy and I tried to tell him to stop but he didn't understand until we had done it at least 4 more times.  So after that I was pretty nauseous but luckily we were close to our landing point.  To land he basically kicked me in the back so that I had to stand up and he told me to just run.  It was pretty easy overall :) Because we were the first in our group to go we ended up waiting around a lot and watching the rest of our friends in the air above us while we ate pizza in a nearby bar.  Flight successful.  :D

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  1. Sounds incredible! Glad you landed safely. Checkout hot air ballon rides for when we come to visit!