Friday, March 2, 2012

El Parque de Las Ciencias

Friday 3/2
Casey and I were still really exhausted from all of our traveling so for most of today we relaxed and slept in because it was raining outside anyways.  Exciting news though, for lunch today we had meatballs!! made from COW! Its crazy I know, unfathomable that the meat we're eating is not ham, so as you can tell we were very happy about that.  We didn't have pasta though, so it was kind of like meatballs with salad and french fries, no complaints though :)  After lunch we decided that since this is probably one of the only weekends we'll be in Granada that we should take advantage of it.  Down the street from us El Parque de Las Ciencias which is a really nice science museum/park.  It had all sorts of interactive learning things about the earth, human body, population and all of that jazz that science museums usually have. They also had a little planetarium that we bought tickets for and it was kind of interesting because it was in Spanish and they talked all about the constellations so I relearned a lot of what I already knew and learned the names for everything in Spanish :) The museum itself was made up of a couple different buildings, a "forest of senses" outside, and an observatory tower. They had a butterfly observatory, which was kind of small but it was really cool cause it was like a little rain forest inside :)  OH and they had the most amazing dinosaur exhibit I've ever seen.  It was all about T Rex's and whether or not they were really predators or just scavengers and they made you vote at the end about what you thought. The exhibit consisted of the general information, a lot of original fossils, big ones too, and giant model dinosaurs THAT MOVED!!  It was really scary at first because you walk into this half lit room and suddenly you notice that they're all roaring and moving around!  There was one T-Rex that was depicted eating the a Triceratops, and everything looked soooo real! It freaked us out a little bit, but only because it was very realistic looking.

After the park we headed back for dinner, which was basically grilled cheese sandwiches and some spinach tortilla.  But this week there has been a younger French girl staying with us from Paris and her and her friend made us crepes for desert!! They were delicious and tonight we're going to have popcorn with our movie too!!! :D (Thanks Jordan!)

Also keep your fingers crossed that the weather is nice tomorrow too because we're supposed to go paragliding!! ;)

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  1. Good luck with the paragliding! Sounds exciting (terrifying?). I'll say hi for you to Bruce, who I will see tonight.