Monday, January 23, 2012

Churros con chocolate :)

More grammar review in class, then we stopped to buy an ace bandage of sorts for my ankle (which really helped a lot!) on the way home for lunch.  We didn't have a lot of time because we had to leave at 3:15pm to meet our UNH group at 4pm for some city excursions.  Maricarmen, our lit teacher who brought us into the Albaicin, was our tour guide once again.  We wondered around the city finding historical places like schools and churches that had beautiful architecture.  Our last stop was at the church of San Juan de Dios and it was absolutely gorgeous on the inside.  From the outside you didn't even know it was a church but we bought tickets and were able to walk around upstairs and down in the Baroque church. Everything was gold, and had paintings, and intricate details throughout the entire building with mirrors and statues, from the ceiling to the floor.  We were allowed to take pictures but again, they just never do justice.  After we separated from our group we explored that part of town an little more and walked through a bunch of downtown shops.  We stopped for churros con chocolate at the oldest churro cafe in Granada and the people were very friendly and because it was so far from school it wasn't filled with american students :) It was a lot of fun and of course we spoke only in Spanish but some because of the picture taking, it was quite a give away that we were from somewhere foreign. Still they were fun and chatted with us, in english and spanish haha always a pleasure talking with strangers :D  It wasn't such a good plan though eating before dinner, we were so stuffed because they brought us quite a surprisingly large amount of churros.  Our family joked around but they were very understanding and we were able to split a hamburger between the two of us, which we forcefully choked down into our already full stomachs.  The rest of the night as always is filled with chatter and Spanish tv, until we go to bed :)
Until tomorrow friends, Chao!

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