Monday, January 16, 2012

Rain, rain, rain.

More rain today.  Still no umbrella for me and my boots are completely soaked through from yesterday.  My hiking shoes proved to be very useful because all of the stone streets are really slippery (me and all my grace need all the grip they can get! ;] ).  We had orientation today from 10am to 1pm and we chose the classes that we would want to take and what level we thought we should be on, but nothing will be determined until two weeks from now when we take our placement exam.  Turns out after that though we're going to Madrid and Castilla for 5 or 6 days, sort of a vacation before our real classes start! We made it home for lunch and Filo and Pepe's daughter were here with their granddaughter and son in law.  They were both very easy to understand, except for little Susanita because she hardly talks at only 1year and 7 months. Turns out they come over almost every day. After a little relaxation and conversation we went to meet up with some friends to have coffee and do some shopping to buy some odds and ends like shampoo and such.  Apparently there two annual sales every year and we arrived just in time for one of them.  They're called "Rebajas" and from now until February the sales keep getting better, starting at 50% off!  Things are still about what they would be at home right now, but the prices are only going to get  lower.  We stopped along Carrera de Genil in a giant store called Corte Ingles.  It is a 5 level store, equivalent to a Macy's, Staples, Hannafords, BestBuy and Toy's R Us combined and basically has anything you could ever need.  Probably the most wonderful store I've ever been in, in my entire existence.  Finally I have an umbrella but of course it stopped raining :P but we also bought notebooks and toiletries and whatever else we needed.  Later on, their son and friend also came over right before dinner to say hi and meet us.  They're very friendly but it seems the younger the person is the faster they like to talk and use slang, even though I think they were both probably only in there 20's.  Dinner tonight was almost all vegetables, green beans, broccoli, hard boiled eggs, and bread.  For desert, (because they always try to force us to eat desert) we had strawberry yogurt.  Seems a lot of times the desert is healthier than our actually dinner hahah.  Everything has been good so far though, food wise and everything else.  I'm very tired from walking and my feet are a little sore because to the school in back is a little less than 3 miles, and we tend to walk it a few times a day at least so far.   It's all good though, kickin' my butt into shape ;)


  1. Hi from Pepere and me. Enjoying your blog.
    You look right at home. Stay well and enjoy

  2. haha hey you wouldnt go to the gym at school now you get to walk to school :P