Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How to blend into Spanish society

-Stay up late any day of the week, for tapas, drinks, or to party and still go to work the next day.
-Don't cover your food, or put it into a refrigerator (exceptions: milk, yogurt)
-Be sure to own a table that has a metal heater underneath with a thick tablecloth to use has a blanket.
-Don't go to work until 10am and come home for siesta from 2pm to 4pm or later if you'd like.
-Don't ever go to work on Sunday either, no one does.
-Never name your child Shannon, or anything that has the "sh" sound in it.
-Put your baby in a sleeping bag when you take it out in a stroller and make sure to put on his or her plastic tent when it rains.
-Ignore the courtesy of others in cars yielding to you and walk by shamelessly.
-Also do not hold doors open or smile at strangers unless you are trying to show your special interest.
-Always give a reason when declining an offer, never say just say no thank you.
-Wear uncomfortable shoes over uneven cobblestone paths and never wear a backpack or a raincoat (umbrella only), or carry a water bottle.
-Juice your own oranges, bread for breakfast, everything for lunch and dinner, and yogurt or fruit for desert.
-Use "TH" in place of all S, C, and Z sounds

You're now on your way to Spanish success!