Monday, January 30, 2012

Madrid tomorrow

Studied all weekend. Got up at 7 this morning to walk to school in the dark for the placement exam we've all been waiting for.  It was absolutely horrid.  The beginning was easy and then the listening and grammar sections were terrible.  I was the first one to finish, which could be good or bad, who knows but it took from 9am to 12pm to finish and then we had to wait around for our scores and our interview.  The lady I had an interview with was so intimidating, I had trouble saying anything at all.  By the end of  it, she hadn't told me anything about my test, or what level I was in, but just said "we're done, leave".  Most other people got there scores, but I guess I just have to wait now, but everyone that was supposed to be in the level above me easily didn't make it because there were some grammatical difficulties.  Our teacher wasn't too pleased, and I think hes trying to find out all our scores and move people around.  It should be less stressful now that its over but the interview kind of ruined everything for me :(  Oh well, nothing I can do about it now.

On a lighter note I got mail today :) always a great way to cheer up (Thanks Jordan!) and Casey and I are all packed up and ready to go because we're leaving for Madrid in the morning!  We even had fried platanos for lunch today (reminds me so much of Costa Rica but only the good things!) so things are kind of turning around.  We're also in the process of booking our trip to London at the end of February, which is such a pain.  Literally JUST booked our flights. now for the hostel, bus rides, and whatever else we need to have in advance.  It'll be worth it, no worries :)

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  1. have a great time in Madrid! and all the other towns you will be visiting this week. Don't let one cranky person ruin your day. Life is Good!
    Love You