Sunday, January 15, 2012

Touring the City :)

We woke up at 9am today to go get breakfast and meet our Profe and other students at Cafe Futbol (ice cream shop, food- churros, etc.) but the room was completely dark when our alarm went off.  It seemed impossible but when we arrived in Madrid at 8am, it was still pretty dark as well.  However, we soon discovered after a little distress of possibly having to walk in the dark, that we have this wonderful light blocking blinds on the outside of our window.  Even though the sun was shining it was still a little cold in the shade and we walked down the block to a little churro shop for breakfast. They gave me chocolate milk (hot milk, my own nesquik container, and cream) which was very good, and orange juice (all natural).  Then we had two plates of these long fried pieces of bread and sugar packets to dip them in.  We learned the way by ourselves, so they left us halfway through and we found our way through the beautiful stone streets of Granada.   We met up with Profesor Dorfsman, and the other UNH students and he gave us a tour of some of the important places in Granada.  The streets are amazing and I could walk around all day, except that my feet are starting to hurt from all the uneven cobblestones hahah but its very casual and everyone seems very friendly.  It started raining so our tour was cut short and we had to find our way back from wherever profe left us.  Back at home, theres a new student living with us! shes from CT and apparently will be living with us for the entire semester, also studying at the Centro de Lenguas with us.  She seems very nice and we're going to show her around tomorrow.  For lunch they continued to try and over feed us because we're "pajaritas" (little birds) and we need to eat a lot and get fat and be fuerte (strong) hahah or so says Pepe :)
Every saturday and sunday theres movies on tv at 4pm and Pepe sits around and watches them with us, but he falls asleep without fail, snoring away every time.

I'll post few pictures here too :)

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