Wednesday, January 25, 2012

El Parque de Federico Garcia Lorca :)

Nothing too exciting yesterday, I played checkers and won ;) with Paco and sat around watching terrible tv shows with the family.  Pasapalabra is our favorite show ever though, its a game show and its on everyday, its super confusing to explain though and I don't understand a lot of it but at the end of the show two people have a certain amount of time and an alphabet wheel in which they have to answer questions with answers that start with or have the letter they're on in them.  If they win they receive 1.4 million euros!  Last night was intense though because the same person has been on the show and almost wins every time and last night him and a new girl tied! They play off tonight, pretty excited for that :D

Today we had breakfast, walked to class and reviewed as usual.  Lunch was so good, we had pasta ( I miss pasta so much!) and it was with a sauce that was almost like alfredo with ham and other things in it, with salad and bread as always.  I had greek yogurt for the first time too and it was soooo good! :) new favorite desert here hahah one that isn't absolutely terrible for you! yippee!  After lunch Casey and I decided we were going to learn how to use the bus system before our real classes start because UNH is going to reimburse us for our bus passes.  So we found a bus stop that took us to the center of town and bought passes with ease. It literally was a 2 minute bus ride for something that usually takes us 20 minutes to walk. absolutely incredible.  We'll probably still walk most days but its really awesome to be able to just swipe your card if you don't feel like walking or if its raining or something.  Then from the plaza "Puerta Real" we set of to find Parque Federico Garcia Lorca because we heard it was awesome.  However, we forgot our map... granted we did have a bus map, so we knew the general direction but we were undeniably lost.  Its good to be lost though.  I think its the best way to learn.  We had no where we needed to be, a city to learn, sun was out and shining everything going well :)  It turns out we were very close the entire time and were doing little loops around the park hahah weaving up and down the streets without realizing where we were but we stopped in this really really nice hotel with the biggest chandelier I have ever seen and asked the man for directions.  He gave us a map and we were literally 45 seconds away hahaha :D  The park was giant, a little bland because its winter but theres no snow so everything just looks kind of barren.  There were palm trees and pine trees.. together, in the same place, and I just can't get that through my head. It just doesn't seem right. But anyways, there's all sorts of little exercise signs and fountains and walking paths, Paco said its very pretty in the Springtime. But the BEST part, was if you walked aaaaaalllll the way to the end, theres a little playground.  It was the most fun I've ever had at a park.  and I think we really needed the stress release of acting like children, speaking english and playing on slides, swingsets and the most amazing sea saw ever.  we call it the spring saw, because its just a giant rotating spring with two seats attached to it.  We literally stayed on it for at least 20 minutes while children and their parents stared at us because we didn't want to get off hahah :)  We walked back to Puerta Real (which really only takes less than 10 minutes if you don't get lost) We took a different bus back to our house (obviously feeling adventurous today) and made it without a problem :D

also fun fact, Spaniards always speak their mind.  If you look bad or good one day, they'll tell you.  The other girl that lives with us always wears dresses and looks like a nice church girl all the time and Pepe and Paco always tell her she looks pretty, but then don't say anything to Casey or I.  So last night Pepe requested me on facebook and went through ALL of my photos.  He was like oh you look pretty in this one, so I called him out and was like oh I don't look pretty now? He laughed and was like weelll yeah I guess so. hahahah the same thing happened at lunch today with Paco.  I guess you can't always be pretty in Spain ;)

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