Thursday, January 26, 2012

Word of the day...

Breakfast. Class. per usual.  Lunch was some kind of soup with rice, turkey, veggies again as usual with all the bread, cheese and ham like always.  Last night on tv we learned a few pretty bad words, because whenever we don't know a word they use we look it up.  And ironically at lunch today Peque (who is 1yr 7 months) was yelling out one of the words we looked up (if you're brave the word was coño)   and of course we were laughing and our host parents were so shocked that we understood what she was saying.  We explained though and they thought it was all good fun.  I'm just curious as to where she learned it from :P   Also theres this lamp behind the table, near where I sit and it has little feet on the bottom and she kept taking of her shoes and trying to put them on the lamp. Pretty funny if you were there.  We had some free time after lunch and I took the most glorious nap on my bunk bed haha until it was time to leave.  We had a mandatory meeting at Cafe Futbol with Filo and all of the other students and their señoras.  Of course there were more churros and cafe con leche, really I think the meeting was so that the parents could meet the other parents and  everyone could socialize and be friends. Pasapalabra is on again tonight, and we're still routing for the same guy to win who has been on the show for at least a week now, Go Cesar! hes always soooo close to winning.  Also there was a big Barcelona vs. Real Madrid soccer game yesterday and we listened to it on the radio because apparently you need a special channel to watch it on tv.  Everytime barca scored a goal Filo would yell and jump up and down hahaha shes pretty funny always yelling at the tv and the radio.  :)  The game ended in a tie, 2-2 and I'm not certain but it was the second game and Barcelona won the first game so I think they win overall? Yay! hahaha they're our team, besides the Granada team of course, but as it turns out they're not very good.  Hopefully dinner soon, but probably not for another hour or so. :P  Tomorrow's plan is to figure out how to mail things and then we're having dnner at Paco's house tomorrow night too! Should be a lot of fun, hes ordering us pizza :) Can't believe tomorrow is already Friday!! This weekend will be our two week anniversary of arriving in Spain! SO CRAZY! :D

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