Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dinner Party!

Last night, Filo and Pepe drove us over to Paco and Susana's house for dinner.  On the way over, Pepe was singing all sorts of songs in German and teaching them to us like a repeat after me thing.  They used to work at a hotel and would practice French, German, and English all the time! So now he always just says things randomly and we never know what language hes speaking hahah :) When we got there, Paco was cooking us homemade pizza and gave us a tour of his apartment.  He made basically all of the little tables, dressers, shelves, and paintings and they all looked so good! It was a very modern looking little apartment.  Then they proceeded to play the same cd of children's songs that they bring to our house everyday and Casey and I surprised them all by singing along and knowing all the words.  Its really rather annoying but last night it was just funny, and they turned it off pretty quick.  We had three different types of pizza, one had shrimp, tuna, olives; another had, pepperoni, olives, ham, and a cheese kind of like bleu cheese, and the third which was my favorite, had brie cheese, capers, ham, and spices.  Then he brought out all sorts of cheese tapas because we told him that we loved brie, so he brought out more of that, and little pieces of bread with some sort of salsa and goat cheese, pineapple cheese, and the one that was like bleu cheese.  Then after all of that he made us arroz con leche, with cinnamon on top which was actually really good.  We hung around and chatted until Pepe and Filo were falling asleep on the couch so we decided it was time to go home.  Paco and Susana really wanted us to stay the night but we told them another weekend when we didn't have an exam on monday :P  On the way home, on of our friends called us so we went and visited them because they only live about a 4 minutes walk away and they were lonely.  They live with their host family's daughter and shes never home so we invited them over for tomorrow and kept them company for a while.

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