Friday, January 27, 2012

Little Peter Cottontail, Hoppin' Down the Bunny Trail...

Last day of review classes today and we had to right a composition on the play we saw a last week.  We also finally got our schedules for next weeks adventures to Madrid!  I can't wait to be done with this placement exam and go see Madrid!! We're also going to Toledo, Segovia, Avila, and Salamanca, from Tuesday to Sunday night.  And of course Sunday is also the Superbowl, but here it doesn't start til about 12:30am and Casey and many others in our group are determined to watch it. However, Monday is also our first day of classes so I think I'll probably just let everybody else tell me what happens ;)  Today after class, we had a little extra time, and instead of going home and sitting around while Peque screams, we decided to go shopping for a little while til it was closer to lunch time.  I bought a scarf! and then it started to rain so we went home anyways.  Luckily they were putting her to sleep when we got in so she wasn't around for lunch.  Lunch today was soup with chick peas, carrots, potatoes and other vegetables in it with salted bread.  Also salad and then they brought out a plate of what looked like chicken wings, and Pepe laughed and said oh yes chicken!  So we though nothing of it and ate our soups and salad.  When it was time for the "chicken" we started looking for small pieces and they were all shaped very strangely, so we asked, what animal is this really..?  "Conejo"  so of course I knew this was going to happen I just wasn't expecting it today.  I promised to try everything and took a little piece that looked like meat, took a bite, not so bad and then being overtired and unsuspecting Casey and I just started laughing.  I told them all I could think of was Thumper from Bambi hahah and then for the next 15 minutes Casey, Julie and I sat there trying to remember the words to little bunny foo foo and sang Peter cottontail at the table while we mourned over our little rabbits.  No eyes or heads though, thank god.  But we told them all about our pet rabbits and kept saying sorry to our plates as we ate it.
In the afternoons, like today, if we're bored sometimes we sit in the living room and make up words for the ridiculous Spanish dramas.  Today its all about this detective with a giant mole on his face (it's embarrassing what we do with our free time but its actually quite fun).  We also watched Harry Potter with Spanish subtitles since it was raining and we didn't really feel like going out in it.  Dinner at Paco's tonight, should be fun :)

Also we have our finalized vacation days and we are planning on going on a paragliding trip in March with most of the other students in our group.  Eventually we're going to Barcelona and Paris on a couple of the long weekends and Casey and I are planning a trip to London for 5 days at the end of February :D  I'm ready to be adventurous!!

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