Thursday, January 19, 2012

Finally something I don't like...

Nothing too exciting today, we did a lot of studying and relaxing in the afternoon.  After class we went and walked around a lot to explore a little more and learn how to use our map hahaha since we always seem to be facing in the wrong direction :P but I figured it out! Lunch today was completely seafood.  I like seafood, sometimes, but only in small amounts, mixed with other things, not soup with different kinds of clams, calamari, shrimp and other things that I cannot even identify (also keep in mind these aren't the typical clams, and shrimp that you're used to seeing either).  Needless to say, it was not my favorite meal.  It was pretty funny though because they brought out a plate of razor mussels, which I don't know if you've ever seen them but they look a little strange...  and they're not small either.  Of course I have an ideology that I need to try everything and to try not to prejudge anything but it certainly was difficult to persuade myself into eating it (even with the constant jabbing and encouragement of the entire table).  Finally I made sure Casey had one too and we  said cheers with our razor mussels on forks and dove in.  To sum it all up, I tried not to gag, chugged a glass of water, which I choked on, and ate an entire slice of bread. but hey, don't knock it til you try it right? Totally knocking it now though; it was pretty awful. ;]  Later we shared family pictures and had to sit through 45 minutes of looking at pictures of Peque. Because I don't know if you know this but obviously if she moves more than an inch you need to take her picture, so there had to be at least 300... :/  Also for some reason, there are always pictures of breasts and people breastfeeding and talking about it very descriptively openly, whether its at dinner, on tv, at a bar, wherever. a little bit uncomfortable, especially since shes always just whipping them out in front of us here :P oh well, I'm a big girl, I can handle it haha its just so strange to see whats different within the cultures.
Dinner tonight was just Casey, Filo, Pepe and I and it was nice to just talk with them as the four of us and not being overwhelmed by 7 people.  I think tonight, we'll just relax and maybe study a little more, we have a presentation in the morning on some part of Spanish grammar in class.  I'm super tired today too, so hopefully we won't have a late night, however its already 10:30 so I guess it depends on your perception of late ;)
hasta manana! Chao!

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